The Future of Aboriginal Storytelling

Aboriginal storytelling has existed for countless generations. No one knows just how old the practice is. Much of it has remained unchanged throughout the centuries. However, in modern times, there have been several new developments in terms of aboriginal storytelling. The following can help give an idea of what the future of aboriginal storytelling might look like.

Influenced by the Past

Many of the current aboriginal tales are heavily influenced by those that came before them. Many of them share a common narrative universe, which is used to explain natural phenomena and the creation of existence. Therefore, newer stories will make reference to older ones within this common narrative universe. Some may even expand upon previously established characters and events.

Modern Influences

Australians have already seen how newer aboriginal stories tend to reflect what is happening in the present. This is because the aboriginal people like to come to terms with recent developments by writing about them. Modern aboriginal tales tend to make reference to contemporary issues that have influenced their common culture.

New Technologies

Today’s aboriginal writers typically use new technologies to produce their work. For example, they often type out their stories on computers, and publish them as e-books for sale online. Some storytellers even post their work on websites and blogs. Others have stuck to the oral tradition by telling their tales in online videos. As technology continues to advance, these writers will no doubt keep pace with it by employing modern devices used for both reading and writing.

Reaching a Global Audience

The internet has allowed a global audience to enjoy the stories written by aboriginals. This will almost certainly continue well into the future. As more people gain access to the internet, the potential audience for such stories and tales is sure to increase exponentially.