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The main focus of this blog is aboriginal artists, writers, and storytellers. Every aspect of these topics has been separated into its own section, which should make reading through the entire site much easier for the visitor.

Aboriginal Music

This section looks at the different instruments used by aboriginal artists. This includes the iconic ‘didgeridoo,’ which has become an important part of Australian culture. This section also discusses how aboriginal musicians have changed over time, including the recent fusion of traditional styles with more mainstream genres to create something entirely new.

Aboriginal Storytelling

When it comes to aboriginal culture, storytelling plays a central role. Interestingly, tales from the past are told orally from generation to generation. A large portion of this site, therefore, is devoted to the elements that go into a standard aboriginal narrative, as well as current variations of this age-old medium.

The Aboriginal Influence on Australia

Art made by aboriginal people has left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Australia. These people were around long before Europeans began to settle on the remote island-nation. In recent years, their tales, paintings, and music have merged with the art of western immigrants to create interesting hybrid art forms.

The Future of Aboriginal Art

It is impossible to know for certain just how aboriginal art will look in the years to come. This section is devoted to speculation on the future of aboriginal art, with predictions based on how aboriginal art has already started to change in the present day. This includes the use of emerging technologies, as well as the recent increase in people viewing the art, thanks largely to the internet.

Aboriginal Casino Games

Another section of this site explains the reasons why aboriginal art could make a perfect theme for casino games. This is ideal for those readers who want to design their own game titles.