The official launch of Bearskin Diary is HERE!

Copies will be in book stores shortly thereafter or you can order on-line from Chapters & Indigo”

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Lyle Daniels, SK  “Just finished reading Bearskin Diary.  It needs to become a series of stories.  Very proud of this piece of work.”

Kathy Daley, MB  “ I was able to read this book and drape my sad heart in Sandy’s journey as a way of asking for protection.  Even though it is late,  I must keep reading because I need to know what happens next.”

Michael Zaleski, SK  “I couldn’t put this book down.  Enlightening.  Lots of information about what Indigenous people in Canada are forced to live with each and every day.  Excellent.”

Trish Keith, SK “Bearskin Diary immediately caught my attention.  The only reason I put it down is because of prior commitments – like work.  Very well-written.”

Bearskin Diary, by Carol Daniels

Personal essay: Carol Daniels on including a strong indigenous heroine in response to the pain of history